This week, the European Commission published "Europe’s Digital Decade" and thus sets out the EU’s path towards greater digital empowerment by 2030. This Communication presents a vision, targets and avenues for a successful digital transformation of Europe by 2030.

To achieve this, the Commission proposes:

1. Europe’s Digital Compass

This compass translates Europe’s digital ambitions into concrete terms. They evolve around four cardinal points:

  1. Digitally skilled citizens and highly skilled digital professionals;
  2. Secure, performant and sustainable digital infrastructures (5G, semiconductors, etc.);
  3. Digital transformation of businesses (cloud, big data, AI, etc.);
  4. Digitalisation of public services.

2. Multi-country projects

To better address gaps in the EU's critical capacities, the Commission will facilitate the rapid launch of multi-country projects, combining investments from the EU budget, Member States and industry. Possible multi-country projects include: a pan-European interconnected data processing infrastructure, the design and deployment of the next generation of low power trusted processors, etc.

3. Digital Rights and Principles for Europeans

EU rights and values are at the heart of the European digital strategy. the Commission proposes to develop a framework of digital principles, such as access to high quality connectivity, to sufficient digital skills, etc.

4. A digital Europe in the world

The EU will work to promote its positive and human-centred digital agenda within international organisations and through strong international digital partnerships.

The adoption of this Communication will be followed by a structured consultation on the specific targets and the compass, as well as an open consultation on the digital principles.

These are topics on which Agoria is already very proactive, whether with Digital Europe, its sister federation at European level, with the Belgian authorities or with its members (e.g. Be The Change for digital skills, 5G infrastructure, 'DigiCoach' for the digital transformation of businesses, etc.). Agoria, in collaboration with its members, will actively contribute to the discussions and then to the achievement of the proposed objectives for a successful digital transformation in Europe and Belgium by 2030.