There is a lot happening within the landscape of Ecodesign and Energy labeling. Below an overview the changes and obligations to expect.

January 1st will mark the implemenation of the new Energy Labeling database (EPREL). From this moment onwards manufacturers and suppliers of products subject to energy labeling regulations will have to upload data and documentation on their products into the database. Also, the revisions of the product groups that are part of the so-called 'Winter package' are expected to be finalized during the first quarter of 2019.

The new obligation concerning the energy labeling database (EPREL)
As of January 1st, 2019, the EPREL database will be a new obligation for all products covered by energy labeling legislation. It involves an upload by manufacturers and suppliers of energy labeling data and technical documentation per product type. 

EPREL will consist of a public and a restricted part. The restricted part is intended to be used in support of market surveillance activities. The upload of the data and documentation of models that will be placed on the market from 1 January 2019 is intended for November 1st. Units placed on the market between 1 August 2017 and 1 January 2019 must be added to the database by 30 June 2019. This will, however, depend on the launch of the official database (with a secured environment), which is currently still in development.

The next stakeholder meeting will take place mid-October, during which the European Commission will explain the next steps. It is expected that it will include an update of the planning and launch of the final database. Because of the very tight deadlines, it is recommended to start the collection of data to the extent possible and to try the upload procedures provided in the test environment of the database.

For companies this means:
[mandatory] Identification of the products subject to Energy labeling regulations.
[optional] Creation of an internal database including the required data and technical documentation per product type.
[optional] Creation of a program that can convert the internal database to the format required for the upload of data into the EPREL database (see article on test procedures).
[optional] The prior 2 steps can be replaced by a manual upload of all data.
[mandatory] Upload of the required data and technical documentation into the EPREL database (see article on test procedures).

Read the previous article: Energy labeling database (EPREL): test the upload procedures! (in NL or FR)

The current revisions on Ecodesign and Energy labeling regulations
The revisions of the Ecodesign regulations, also known as the 'Winter package', will soon enter the final phase. This means that the draft regulations for lighting, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and displays will be put up to vote. The draft regulations for fans and the new regulations for commercial cooling might be included as well. The latest information indicates that the Winter package will be adopted in February 2019.

The next step is a public consultation (4 week feedback mechanism) that is accessible to all stakeholders. Notification to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be started at the same time. This procedure lasts 60 days. The member states will then vote on Ecodesign proposals (implementing acts) and discuss the Energy Labeling proposals (delegated acts). Finally the Council and the European Parliament will have to give their consent after which the regulations will be published.

Considering the scheduled deadlines, the votes and discussions are expected to take place at the end of November / beginning of December at the earliest
Agoria has the opportunity to provide advice to the Belgian government on their vote and feedback on the drafts. In light of the tight deadlines within the current procedure, please contact us as soon as possible in case of any specific adjustments or comments you might wish to address regarding one of the proposals.

For companies this means:
[optional] Pass on feedback on the draft regulations during the 4 week feedback mechanism on this page
[optional] Pass on feedback on the draft regulations to Agoria.
[mandatory] Anticipate the phase-out of products according to the deadlines stipulated in the final Ecodesign regulations.
[mandatory] Anticipate the changes to the energy labels according to the deadlines stipulated in the final Energy labeling regulations.

Ecodesign session at R&S Event 2018: Q&A with the Belgian representatives
Bram Soenen (FPS Environment) and Bram Verckens (FPS Economy) will be present at Agoria's #RSEVENT2018 'Reveal what's hidden' on the 25th October to provide an update on the Ecodesign and Energy Labeling developments. They will detail the expected activities of the federal government regarding the implementation of the EPREL database and the Belgian position regarding the ongoing Ecodesign and Energy labeling revisions. The session will include ample opportunity for Q&A.