Drones are here to stay. As we speak, the drone economy is being built globally, at an accelerating pace. With the help of regulation and advances of technology, it is becoming a true global business.

According to a recent study of Research Nester, the global drone market is anticipated to reach USD 25 billion by the end of 2023, witnessing a five-year compound annual growth rate of a dazzling 18,2%. This growth is owed to the significant use of drones in various sectors.

The increasing use of drones in commercial sectors such as media and entertainment, inspection, infrastructure, monitoring, surveying and mapping is fuelling the demand for drone services across the globe. Governments are also implementing drones in public safety services. For example, surveillance drones are widely used by law and enforcement agencies and observation drones are used for scientific research, R&D, environmental studies and disaster management activities.

The e-commerce and retail industry is working on using drones in order to deliver products to the customers in a minimum amount of time. Similarly, urban air mobility is counting on drones for safe and green passenger transport and to enhance life in smart cities.

Drones Pages, a business guide with 160 companies

Agoria has taken the initiative to create a business guide. It's a kind of "Yellow Pages" for drones in Belgium and intended as a next step to the study of PwC and Agoria "A drone's eye view" .

The key message is for us to unite, collaborate and innovate,together positioning Belgium as a leader in the global drone economy! There is evidence of our potential and knowhow, yet we are not alone and should not become complacent as competition is accelerating.

The guide is set up to give more visibility to all identified actors, both established and new, active in the drone economy in Belgium. It should support them in the development of their business in Belgium and abroad. Based on a topology defining 57 subclasses, companies and actors can list their offerings and knowhow. We are pleased to have more than 160 contributors, and we expect it to further grow.

Download the Drones Business Guide for free

Belgium is blessed with vast and unique assets as highlighted in the recent study made by Agoria and PwC: "A drone's eye view" .