In order to prepare the standardisation request, CEN and CENELEC founded a standardisation request ad-hoc group (SRAHG) ‘Hydrogen’.

This group focusses on the development and/or update of European standards on interoperability between the power and gas grids, safe admixture of hydrogen to the natural gas grid, gas quality, electrolysers for grid balancing and on compatibility with end-use appliances.

Input was collected from CEN/TC 234 ‘Gas infrastructure’, CEN/CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management (SFEM) WG ‘Hydrogen’, CEN/CLC/JTC 6 ‘Hydrogen in energy systems’ and the CEN Sector Forum Gas Sector regarding a future Standardization Request related to hydrogen and power to gas.

A first list of topics and possibly involved standards can be consulted here.

Below you will find the flowchart regarding the H2 production to end users:

The European Commission intends to organize a meeting in January 2020 with Members States and relevant stakeholders with regard to the Standardization Request Hydrogen.