Finding it hard to navigate through the maze of digitization? Agoria and Sirris have designed the Digital Journey Tracker for you. Discover this tool that will guide you step by step as you develop a practical digitization strategy for your firm; a custom plan, leading to real opportunities.

Given the plethora of events, literature and service offerings on corporate digitization, organisations struggle to clear a path for their own digital strategy. In addition, research indicates that the success of a digital strategy does not depend on the scale of the efforts deployed but rather on whether these are equally distributed across a range of different journeys. 

The Digital Journey Tracker provides companies with a clear structure, allowing them to assess different journeys and stages. 

In the first place, a choice has to be made between three areas of impact. Digitization can therefore serve to:

  • digitize organisation: production processes, information management, marketing, etc.;
  • integrate a digital dimension, in products and services;
  • evolve towards other profit models, based on digital technology. 

Then comes the digital aspect, as a distinction is made between different types of companies:  

  • Service companies: companies whose business model is based on the provision of specific services to their customers;
  • Manufacturers of physical products: machine manufacturers, food processers, etc.
  • Digital solution providers: companies that develop and market a pure digital (software) product or bespoke digital solution integrators. 

Depending on the area of impact and the type of company, several tactical approaches are suggested, with, in support, a projection of the possible impacts for your type of company as well as examples of Belgian companies already implementing this digitization model.

Discover the Digital Journey Tracker