Saskia Van Uffelen, vice-president Benelux at Gfi and Digital Champion for Belgium, invites you to join the European call of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition to develop maximum digital skills. Find out all about it during a free webinar on April 30th.

Digital skills : more important than ever

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a severe effect on SME owners, the self-employed, teachers, parents and older adults who need to find ways to continue in these challenging times which now relies on the access to and use of digital technologies. Never before have digital skills been so important. Many Coalition members and National Coalitions are already acting by offering free resources or trainings.

Agoria, through the Be The Change movement and its study Shaping The Future of Work, has long urged enterprises, workers and students to embark on the path of transformation.

We are asking organisations across Europe to join us and help provide these sorely needed digital skills by making a pledge to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and sharing their initiative across Europe.

What is a pledge?

Pledges are commitments made by organisations, big and small, from the private, public and third sector, to go above and beyond the normal scope of their activities and make a direct contribution to reducing the digital skills gap Europe faces today.

Pledging organisations send a clear signal of their dedication to equip Europeans – citizens, the labour force and those in the education sector - with the skills they need for life and work in the digital age.

New pledges will join 104 other pledges consisting of over 300 initiatives ranging from organising online workshops, providing training courses or hosting awareness events and competitions. All pledges are visible in the Pledgeviewer.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, has launched a special call to mobilise members and organisations to pledge to:

  • Enable traditional SMEs to move their activity online
  • Help SMEs employees adjust to #telework
  • Self-employed find new revenue channels
  • Equip teachers, students and parents with the skills for #DigitalEducation
  • Prevent digital exclusion for older adults and vulnerable groups
  • Provide ICT specialists with the capacity to upskill in advanced digital skills.

Invitation to participate

Saskia Van Uffelen (Digital Champion Belgium) invites you for a 30 minutes WEBINAR  on Thursday April 30 at 14h. She will present you her insights, convince you about the advantages of the pledge, provide examples and walk through a short Q&A.

Click here for more information about the initiative and to register for the webinar.

About The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a unique community supported by the European Commission that:

  • Enables stakeholders to propose actions, programmes, initiatives to improve the digital skills situation in Europe;
  • Offers a platform of exchange to learn from peers and to showcase actions, initiatives developed and their impact;
  • Helps to join forces to pave the way for a strong and inclusive digital Europe.


Thursday 30 April 2020, 14:00 - 14:30


Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition 

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