We are surrounded by increasing numbers of smart connected products, and more and more technologies are becoming available on the market for creating smart IoT solutions. Many companies that manufacture physical products are now wondering whether and when they too should take the plunge. Is it hip or is it hype? Do these products represent a real trend or are they just gadgets? Not investing in them may prove to be a risky decision because it could mean missed business opportunities, but on the other hand, making bad investment decisions is equally problematic! What opportunities and pitfalls lie in wait? What are the key challenges? And how should they be tackled?

In the WAT Slimproject, Sirris helped over 50 companies to explore the potential represented for them by smart connected products. The knowledge acquired within the framework of this project has been compiled into a manual. It offers an insight into the 10 key challenges facing product manufacturers who are contemplating the switch to smart connected products.

Sirris has developed a brochure that will help you to plan your research on integrating smart technology into your products. The WAT SLIM initiative has been supported by VLAIO and implemented by Agoria and Sirris.

Contact at Sirris: Pieter Beyl - Advisor Smart Products - pieter.beyl@sirris.be


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