The Agoria Smart Cities project is managed by an Agoria Smart Cities Committee, which can only be composed of member companies. Elections are held every three years to that effect. The term of the current Committee runs from 2016 to 2018.
In addition, there are four Smart Cities Working Groups, namely

  • smart building & district
  • smart mobility & logistics
  • smart energy
  • smart digital communication & infrastructure

    • Conditions for participating in the four working groups:

      • Agoria members can participate in the Smart Cities project at no cost. This service is included in the Agoria membership fee.
      • Technology industry companies which are still not members of Agoria may only participate in the Smart Cities project if they join Agoria.
      • Companies outside the technology industry (i.e. that cannot become members) and public companies pay an annual fee. If you are interested, please contact


      The big annual event, Agoria Smart Cities Forum & Award, is accessible to everyone for a fee. Agoria members and members of the Agoria Smart Cities Community can take part at reduced rates. Special deals are also offered when booking a stand.