Civil Engineering Machinery

The Civil Engineering Machinery group consists of European importers and manufacturers of loaders, hydraulic loaders, excavators, telescopic handlers, forklift trucks, gondolas and cranes and other mobile machinery.

Core activities

  • The group represents the members at a European level at the European association CECE (Committee for European Construction Equipment). They monitor important topics at an international level (position papers and lobbying). Agoria and member companies are active at Board and Technical Board levels of the association and in various project teams relevant to the industry.
  • The group monitors European product legislation that could affect the industry, in relation to the environment (environmental noise, diesel motor emissions, decreasing CO2 emission, REACH, RoHS and resource efficiency), safety (machinery, market surveillance, etc.) and future European homologation for Non-Road Mobile Machinery.
  • In terms of standardisation Agoria is the sector operator for CEN/TC 151, Construction equipment and building material machines - Safety, and ISO/TC 127, Earth-moving machinery).
  • The group monitors trends and new technology developments, such as digitisation, robotisation, AI and cybersecurity.
  • The group monitors relevant market developments for member companies (CECE Business Climate Index and CECE Annual Economic Report).