A proposal to establish a new ISO technical committee on “Consumer product safety management" (TS/P 294) has been submitted by SAC (China).

The scope of the proposal is the following:

Standardization in the field of consumer product safety management to develop terminology, requirements, principles, framework, guidance, testing methods and supporting tools, for all relevant organizations, on and to support activities such as risk evaluation, safety early-warning and traceability, intelligent regulatory technology, safety control for emerging consumer products, safety management of the consumer products for specific population groups.


  • Quality management and quality assurance covered by ISO/TC 176.
  • Risk management for organizations covered by ISO/TC 262.
  • Standardization in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society covered by ISO/TC 292.
  • Ageing societies covered by ISO/TC 314.
  • Inclusive service to consumers in vulnerable situations covered by ISO/PC 311.
  • Standardization in the field of consumer incident investigation covered by ISO/PC 329.

Note: According to the relevant laws, regulations and standards on consumer products in the world, consumer products do not include food, agricultural products, drugs, cosmetics, special equipment, tobaccos, medical equipments, motor vehicles, military, aviation, large transport vehicles and other products. The category of consumer products in this new proposed TC is the same as above

Please send any comments or questions on this proposal to dirk.demoor@agoria.be before 1/12/2020.