Cars, Trucks, Buses & Coaches, Parts and Supporting Technologies

The Cars, Trucks, Buses & Coaches, Parts and Supporting Technologies group has no specific group activities. Many initiatives are set up in the interest of the automotive industry within Agoria.

Core activities

    • Business development: The Transport & Mobility Technology Club consists of approximately thirty top technology companies that operate in the e-mobility, user experience and smart production sector. The TMTC opens doors to decision-makers within the international automotive industry with international missions to, for example, South Carolina in the USA, Germany, France and Italy.

    • New technology opportunities: More than 35 companies, knowledge centres and stakeholders are involved in the Lifebat project. The project revolves around the identification and taking advantage of opportunities by Flemish (Belgian) companies with regard to the complete service life of the (Lithium-ion) battery with the intent of developing and boosting new and sustainable activities with clear (economic) added value.

    • Smart mobility working group: The Smart mobility group forms part of the Smart Cities project and consists of approximately 35 companies from various industries that offer products, systems, solutions or services that contribute towards a more sustainable, energy efficient, smart and/or safe mobility of goods and/or people.

    • Influence, lobby and knowledge (future) legislation: Agoria is also a member of the international CLCCR (Liaison Committee of the Body and Trailer Building Industry (including Bus & Coach)) and CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers). Agoria was one of the founders of both associations and still has a seat in the board of directors and also in various working groups on topics related to the automotive sector. Through these channels, Agoria informs (international) government bodies and the industry on the positions taken by both sides regarding technical legislation for vehicles and the impact on the industry as a whole. Agoria also collaborates on topics such as ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaptation), ZEB (Zero Emission Buses), the autonomous vehicle code of practice, etc.

    • Technical legislation expertise: Colleagues from the Regulations and standardisation expertise centre, specialised in vehicle technical legislation and homologation can be contacted by member companies regarding specific product-related issues.

    • MISC (Manufacturing Industries Steering Committee): A Steering Committee, including automotive industry CEOs and plant managers, co-represent the interests of the manufacturing industry in Belgium and keep track of trends and changes, focussing on various specific issues of assembly companies. They meet with authorised ministers and trade union representatives, discuss best practices, determine priorities, etc.

    • Agoria Manufacturing Community (MANUCO) - Excellence in manufacturing: This website identifies supporting processes and technology for (automotive) manufacturing companies including a link to solution providers that can provide assistance when realising the required improvement process. Supported by colleagues from the Innovation expertise centre that helped make a(n international) success of Made Different and Factories of the Future.