Companies are asking many questions at this time about the use of HVAC installations in non-residential buildings in relation to COVID-19. Together with the experts of the HVAC business group, which brings together manufacturers and suppliers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, we have devised a number of very concrete measures for the use of heating, ventilation and cooling in non-residential buildings such as office spaces, schools, shopping centres or industrial facilities.

The sector, represented by our HVAC group of companies, brings together manufacturers and suppliers of systems for heating, ventilation and cooling. Their practical advice as well as their tips & tricks will help you as a user of such systems to minimise the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

The accompanying practical measures notwithstanding, the welfare legislation on basic air quality requirements at the workplace remains applicable.

In addition to regular maintenance of the installation according to the manufacturer/installer's specifications, a number of measures can be taken by way of precaution where the general principle is to use outside air as much as possible and to limit the throughput and recycling of indoor air, obviously where this is feasible and where the various health factors are weighed.

The attached document will be updated according to the development and knowledge related to COVID-19.