CEN invites you to attend the webinar 'Building Information modelling (BIM) supports digitalization of standards for the Construction sector. First elements on Building Information Modelling' that will take place on Monday 15 February from 14:00 to 16:30 CET.

Scope: The digital transformation of the built environment involves the digitalization of business processes, business data and strategic information. For this transformation to be successful it needs to consider technical, organizational, informational, or human aspects. Due to the amount of multidisciplinary actors, this digitalization also needs to include a structured collaborative environment. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an enabler for this digitalization. Information Management using BIM contributes to the strategic positioning of companies to build value. The development of digital technology in the built environment requires consistent information based on enabling standards and coordinated active support and involvement from national standards bodies (NSBs) and other technical committees (TCs).

Like any change process, this change needs to be structured and agreed between all actors and stakeholders to mitigate concerns. While the existing standards provides requirements and recommendations on how to undertake information management using BIM, the answers to some questions remain unclear. For these reasons CEN/TC 442 and CEN-CENELEC have decided to collaborate to host a web conference to provide some answers and as well any associated clarifications.

  • This webinar will present what CEN/TC 442 BIM can do for other Technical Committees and some supporting standards available to contribute to the objective of a digital transformation of standards' TCs.
  • Target audience: all experts involved in related standardisation

No knowledge is required to follow this webinar, which is intended to be extensive and generalist about BIM in order to popularise the topic.

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Agoria has also developed a free 3 hour BIM course for manufacturers and suppliers that will introduce you to the various aspects of the BIM process. Click here to get started! For the moment, the course is only available in Dutch.