CEN and CENELEC decided to create a new Ad-Hoc Group CLC/TC 205/WG 19 to work on 'Energy management ontology'. This work group is organising a workshop to which you can collaborate.

European industry is digitizing its processes, systems and is therefore increasingly using digital technologies and relying on interoperability. More and more ICT components are connected to the physical infrastructure and interoperability is therefore a prerequisite for a robust, reliable and secure infrastructure. As such, standards are crucial to ensure the sustainable, economic and reliable reshape of the future energy system as well as to provide a basis for the integration of technologies into complex systems and facilitate interoperability and data exchange.

Given the fact that in the digital future there will be billions of connected devices, the European Commission published the Communication on ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market (COM(2016) 176) aiming at ensuring that all these devices will be able to connect and share date - independently of manufacturer, operating system or any other technical details among them.

Considering the increasingly importance of reaching interoperability, the ad-hoc group aims to develop a common standard ontology as closely as possible to existing data models available (CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC). As standards ontologies should be built as close as possible to where they are defined because of the rapidly evolution process, CLC/TC 205 proposes to open participation to this adhoc group to the relevant experts not yet involved in CLC/TC 205, but participating in other relevant TCs:

  • CLC/TC 13 'Electrical energy measurement and control',
  • CLC/TC 57 'Power systems management and associated information exchange',
  • CLC/TC 59X 'Performance of household and similar electrical appliances',
  • CLC/TC 69X 'Electrical systems for electric road vehicles',
  • CLC/TC 82 'Solar photovoltaic energy systems',
  • CLC/TC 205 'Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES)',
  • CLC/SR 120 'Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems',
  • CEN/TC 82 'Technological tests for doors, fastenings and their building hardware',
  • CEN/TC 247 'Building Automation, Controls and Building Management',
  • CEN/TC 294 'Communication systems for meters'

The workshop aims at mapping the existing data models in order to work towards their alignment. Ontologies are key to bridge semantic domains, and may help reaching interoperability in a sustainable way. More context information is available here.

Please contact Dirk De Moor if you would like to participate in the workshop.

Noot: Een ontologie is typisch een datastructuur die alle relevante entiteiten en hun onderlinge relaties en regels binnen dat domein bevat. Een ontologie wordt gedefinieerd als: Een strikt en uitputtend schema voor een bepaald onderwerpsdomein, meestal in een hiƫrarchische structuur, die alle relevante grootheden en hun relaties bevat, alsmede de regels waaraan die grootheden en relaties binnen dat domein voldoen.