The COVID-19 health crisis is serious, but can be contained if the right measures are taken in time. That is why Agoria has launched an urgent call to share material with hospitals. In the meantime, six companies have already responded, for which we are grateful! Can your company help too? Please let us know!

An increasing influx of patients into our medical services is expected in the coming weeks. Healthcare personnel must be able to protect themselves appropriately. As of now, the optimal conditions to deal with the virus are not yet in place. Agoria was contacted to ask its members for materials and supplies that could help the hospitals suffering from a lack of necessary medical equipment.

This concerns the following materials:

  • FFP2 masks, ideally standard EN149 with CE marking and total inward leakage of 8%
  • FFP3 masks, ideally standard EN149 (second line), ideally with CE marking and with valve
  • FFP1 masks, ideally standard EN149 (third line), with CE marking and total inward leakage 22%
  • surgical masks 2R standard EN14683, hypoallergenic and latex-free, at least 3 folds, ideally with nose clip
  • visitor masks, standard EN14683, hypoallergenic and latex-free, at least 3 folds, ideally with nose clip
  • protective long sleeve shirts
  • overalls
  • aprons
  • fully closed protective goggles or full face masks
  • caps
  • sterile aprons
  • hydroalcoholic solution to wash hands
  • sterile or non-sterile gloves
  • nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Floor disinfectant:
    Products registered as biocides ( without glutaraldehyde.
    Ideally Surfanios from the company Hospithera/Anios, Tristel Fuse from the company Ecomed/Tristel or Incidin pro from the company Ecolab.
    Composition: Quaternary ammonium compounds and/or chlorine and/or chlorine dioxide and/or hydrogen peroxide and/or Diamine.
  • Surface disinfectant:
    sprays and wipes impregnated with a biocidal disinfectant solution (
    Clinell spray and wipes
    Surfasafe spray and wipes
    Bacillol disinfectant wipes

Help us fight this crisis!

It is our responsibility, both as a company and as individuals, to do what is necessary to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. But it is equally important that we also try to actively support healthcare providers.

Many companies in our industries use different types of protection mentioned above. If you have the appropriate material and are willing to make it available to the healthcare personnel, please let us know urgently! Contact us by sending a message to We will pass on the information obtained to the government for optimum dispatching.

Thank you for your help!