For the first time, six Belgian startups presented themselves to the BMW Group during a pitch event at the BMW Startup Garage. The event was realized by BMW Startup Garage and the Automotive Technology Club of Agoria.

The BMW Startup Garage is not a capital provider or incubator, but presents itself as a 'Venture Client', whereby the BMW Group acts as the first 'big' client of the young companies. After a successful pitch, the BMW Startup Garage links the startups to a business unit in the BMW Group, normally for a four-month pilot project, but always with a view to a long-term relationship. The concept has already produced some real success stories. The young companies are expected to network, learn, generate turnover and grow through the relationship with BMW. Conversely, the BMW Group keeps its finger on the pulse of numerous startups through initiatives such as the Startup Garage: today there are no fewer than 100 startups in the Startup Garage portfolio.

This is the first time that the BMW Startup Garage has organized a pitching event in Belgium. Yesterday's event was organised in cooperation with the network of the Automotive Technology Club in Agoria.

Ward Vleegen, Club Manager of the Automotive Technology Club explains: "The fact that six of our most promising startups were selected by the BMW Startup Garage proves that we, with our technology companies, can compete with ‘the best of the best'.  The bar is set very high here.  We are therefore very pleased and proud that the BMW Startup Garage has given us the opportunity to showcase our companies to so many different divisions of the BMW Group.

The BMW Startup Garage has been actively scouting startups from accelerators and capital providers since 2015. It has offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.