In 2018, the total sales figures of bicycles in Belgium have slightly dropped compared to last year and are estimated at a value of about 485,400 bicycles. Estimated production figures of bicycles in Belgium have increased again since last year.

The import figures for bicycles have slown down compared to the past years but was still around +3% higher compared to 2017. Looking at the corresponding turnover of the total sales, this figure has increased with about 11% compared to last year. The average sale price of bicycles produced in Belgium was increasing year after year but now decreased compared with last year’s figures.

Looking at the segment of electric bicycles, this market is increasing year after year and is around 250 000 electric bicycles in 2018, which is an increase of 14,6% compared to 2017 (source: Velofollies). The new speed pedelecs category is also growing in Belgium with a total fleet of around 16 000 speed pedelecs at the end of 2018, with about 8750 new registrations in 2018. This new kind of electric two-wheeler with a speed up to 45 km/h is becoming more and more popular in the Flanders Region in particular. This is certainly an interesting new segment to be followed up.

Further, the trends in the Belgian bicycle industry are: a strong focus on high end quality products in order to differentiate from cheaper imported bicycles; customization of bicycles with local assembly that allows for shorter lead times at lower volumes; Belgian bicycle industry is also becoming more specialized in a certain segment of the bicycle market; clearly an important increase of electric bicycles also targeting a younger public than before; increasing importance of the business-to-business market with professional bicycle fleets and bicycle leasing models. The latter one allowing new recurrent business models also for the local dealer networks. Although absolute numbers are still low, the category of speed-pedelecs is gaining more and more attention as well.

This Market analysis of the Belgian Bicycle industry, prepared by Agoria, is also taken up in the Bicycle Industry Market Profile 2018 of CONEBI.

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