CEN and CENELEC are preparing the BSI membership after the transition period. What is the state of affairs today?

Read here the work document developed under the hypothesis that on-going political discussions will converge to an agreement between the EU and UK. Some subjects require further discussions and developments. The proposal cannot be finalised until there is clarity regarding the final scenario framing the EU-UK relations from the 1 January 2021 keeping in mind the strategic value of the European standardization system, and in particular the reference to renew the public private partnership with the EU to enable a well-functioning single market.

The document,

  • Defines possible future BSI Membership in CEN & CENELEC in case of EU-UK deal

  • Identifies:

    • Rights and obligations which shall remain unchanged.

    • Rights and obligations for which further analysis is required prior to make a proposal that enables a quantitative and qualitative impact assessment to ensure the robustness of the system.

  • Introduces a potential new type of membership – with additional rights and obligations.

  • It is a first input to the overall process of a comprehensive revision of the bylaws as included in document CCMC_20_209_INF_Revision of the bylaws, pending the political decision on a final scenario which will allow the finalisation of the document.

Click here to find an overview of the different CEN and CENELEC membership types and their rights.