The Aeronautics group consists of companies working on the development, implementation engineering, production, assembly and maintenance of systems for aerial vehicles. This comprises materials, components, (subsystems) and operating software for all types of aircraft, manned or not, and ground support systems.

Core activities

  • The group represents the members at the European level (ASD, the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and monitors European policy regarding aviation).
  • The group meets with the federal government and the representatives at the EU to contribute towards establishing socially responsible and aviation-friendly regulations.
  • The group informs the members regarding regulations, subsidies opportunities and related government activities.
  • The group supports the members in their business development by providing relevant market information, organising activities and events with OEMs and government bodies (both national and international).
  • The group collaborates with education and training organisations to improve the positive image of the aviation industry and to ensure there are enough people with the technical background required to hire new staff in the future.
  • For the above activities, the group collaborates with regional organisations.