On the occasion of the launch of Agoria's online course on 'Sustainable AI for Business', European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders spoke about the future European legislative framework for artificial intelligence (ethical aspects and third-party liability).

In his speech, Commissioner Reynders mentioned aspects of European values, ethical issues, the importance of transparency and the necessary trust of users. The EU already has tools that protect fundamental rights and that can be applied to artificial intelligence systems such as the GDPR, rules on non-discrimination and equality, and rules on consumer protection.

Discover here our free online course 'Sustainable AI in Business', with in the legal chapter among others a testimony of Nathalie Smuha about the current legislative framework.

The future regulatory framework on AI will focus on high-risk applications (not all applications needing to be regulated) by defining obligations on the possibility to control which data is used and to ensure human supervision. Experts are currently working on documentation, testing and liability requirements as well as technical norms, standards and certificates that could facilitate compliance with legal requirements.

In parallel, the Commission is working towards defining rules in the area of liability and the aim here is to avoid fragmentation and to ensure legal certainty.

You can watch Didier Reynders' speech here.

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