Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and Systems for Animal Husbandry

The Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and Systems for Animal Husbandry group consists of manufacturers of agricultural machines (combine, potato or flax harvesters, ploughs, trailers, vegetable harvesters, manure spreaders, etc.) for green areas and horticulture (wood chippers, recycling solutions and materials, verges, grass banks, forests, etc. and for animal husbandry (material for poultry and pig farms, milk tank coolers, etc.). The group consists of a few multinationals and many SMEs specialised in niche market products.

Activités centrales

  • The group represents the members at a European level at the European association CEMA (Committee for European Agricultural Machinery). They monitor important topics at an international level (position papers and lobbying). Agoria and member companies are active at Board and Technical Board levels of the association and in various project teams relevant to the industry.
  • The group monitors relevant legislation for the member companies: European product legislation (diesel motor emissions safety, homologation, etc.) national homologation, oversize load, red diesel, registration, etc. The group also promotes the use of the ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783) (a communications protocol for forestry or agricultural tractors and implements).
  • In terms of standardisation, Agoria is the sector operator for CEN/TC 144 and ISO/TC 23 (Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry).
  • The group monitors trends and new technology developments, such as Smart Digital Farming (current IBN project in collaboration with ILVO and KULeuven regarding EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing), robotisation, AI and cybersecurity.
  • The group organises ad hoc actions for member companies (joint trade fair stands, establishing the Belgian Agrarian Technology Group in Ukraine).
  • The group also monitors the European market (CAP, Common Agricultural Policy) and provides information on business opportunities.
  • The group consults various stakeholders such as agricultural and contract worker federations.