Agoria Fire Technologies

The Agoria Fire Technologies (AFT) group consists of companies active in the area of infrastructure fireproofing. Member companies are active at the component manufacture level and at the drawing, installation, system integration and maintenance level. The group is split into six subgroups with collective interests: AFT - Equipment, AFT - Fixed Extinguishing Systems, AFT - Voice Alarm Systems, AFT - Detection, AFT - Smoke & Heat Extraction and AFT - Doors & Windows.

Core activities

  • The group represents the sector and meets every three months. The group pursues the interests of the sector as a whole and works on specific topics such as monitoring and steering when required of legislation and managing the quality label for the sector (FISQ, BOSEC and BENOR).
  • The group is both a member and a board member of the ISIB, BENOR and ANPI organisations.
  • The group participates actively through working groups in technical committees that collaborate (at a national and European level) in the development of standards.
  • The group organises study days and workshops to increase the knowledge level of stakeholders and to network with influencers and decision-takers.