ISO/TC 261 "Additive manufacturing" proposes new work items for the development of standards to specify personnel qualification requirements for manufacturing centers in which additive manufacturing processes are used for metallic parts.

ISO/TC 261 "Additive manufacturing" aims to define criteria for the theoretical and practical assessment of personnel operating machines. The activities and procedures foreseen to be performed by the operator are also part of the standard.

The proposed ISO/ASTM PWI 52926 "Additive manufacturing — Qualification principles" consists of the following parts:

Members of the national standardization committee can express their vote until 19/01/2020. To become a member of the national mirror committee, please contact Dirk De Moor.

 Explanation of the used abbreviations:

  • DED       directed energy deposition
  • PBF        powder bed fusion
  • LB          Laser beam
  • EB          electron beam