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You hear about artificial intelligence from time to time but you are not a techie and don’t immediately see the link with your business context? Rest assured: you are not alone. During this series of “AI Inspiration Sessions”, you will discover how and where other Belgian companies have actually applied AI. Get inspired in your area of expertise and be the start of innovation in your own company, without being a techie. Yes, you can!


From a series of 9 online sessions (max. 1 hour) choose the area of expertise (HR, production, etc.) that corresponds best with your interest or field of work. In each of the sessions below, we will show you the added value of AI using three specific examples.

Date Session Hour Register
12/02/2021 HR: attract, recruit and retain with AI 14h00 View the recording
26/02/2021 AI for production: from quality control to process optimization 14h00 View the recording
17/03/2021 AI for safety & wellbeing @work 11h00 Register here
26/03/2021 AI for sales, marketing and customer service 14h00 Register here
23/04/2021 Asset Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance 14h00 Register here
07/05/2021 Logistics, inventory management, supply chain and procurement with AI 14h00 Register here
28/05/2021 AI for CFO's and compliance officers 14h00 Register here
11/06/2021 R&D and intelligent products and systems 14h00 Register here
18/06/2021 AI for information, knowledge & IT service management 14h00 Register here
01/07/2021 Closing event: keynote on new business models & best of (offline event) 16h00 To be confirmed


Having attended one or more sessions, you are bound to discover a use case for your own company. You might need additional help to sharpen your AI idea - via an AI Discovery Session for example - but your first step towards innovation will have been taken.


  • Free of charge
  • Accessible to members and non-members
  • Short and specific

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