On the 28th of November, the members and stakeholders of the Financial Services Technology Club will have the privilege to welcome Conny Dorrestijn. Listed on the Women in Fintech, Conny Dorrestijn has worked for over 25 years in marketing and business development roles in the international financial technology industry.

She currently is responsible for global payments marketing at FIS and was part of the founding team of Clear2Pay. 

Three rules define the world we live in – business and private: instant is the new norm, open is the only channel and context is king.

The world of now is combined with unprecedented access to everything and everyone, connections define the new relationships. Context, rather than data defines the success and usefulness of all this in our daily lives. The financial services industry is undergoing more change now than in its previous 200 years, egged on by regulation that both defines and opens up new markets and opens up existing markets to new players.

Licenses abound require sandboxes to experiment with what is good for people, what is wanted and what is socially unacceptable. Greed and goodness meet in one industry that because of new technology (AI, IoT and robos) gives opportunities to a rising group of people who can now take fully part in the global economy. Instant, open and context come together in the customer experience that defines the success of your play.

What can you learn from banks embracing fintech and fintech stepping up to the formal game?

What will be your role in this new and very open playing field? Don’t miss this unique opportunity and register today via www.ourforcewithyou.be