Agoria's young professional organization would like to invite you to its very first event: "a connected world". Ever wondered how to livestream HD broadcasting on your smartphone? Ever wondered how your navigation systems can track and predict traffic flows and delays? Are you tired of hearing buzzwords like AI, deep learning, IoT, big data etc.? Come and join us, we'll show you what the real connected world looks like. Even better, your imagination will be nurtured by six keynote speakers who will blow your mind with real-life examples of connectivity in our daily lives

Barco, a Belgian high-tech leader in several markets such as healthcare, entertainment and enterprise, opens the doors of its award-winning headquarters in Kortrijk to you: "One Campus". Register now and you'll have the change to follow a tour of the 'factory of the future' or visit the experience center... A once in a lifetime opportunity!


Option 1 - Full package (30 seats, limited):

  • Welcome drink: 15h - 15h30
  • Factory Tour: 15h30 - 16h30
  • Experience tour 1 : 16h45 - 17h45
  • Speakers: 18h15 - 19h45
  • Networking Event 19h45 - 22h00 

Option 2: Experience package (30 seats)

  • Welcome drink: 16h30 - 17h30
  • Experience tour 2: 17h - 18h
  • Speakers:  18h15 - 19h45
  • Networking Event: 19h45 - 22h00 

Option 3: Speak and eat package

  • Welcome drink: 17h30 - 18h15
  • Speakers : 18h15 - 19h45
  • Networking Event: 19h45 - 22h00

Six keynote speakers will share their ins and outs on how both large companies such as Barco, Siemens, Proximus and small exciting startups tackle connectivity challenges.

Inspiration Talks

  • William De Vos: Innovation Manager DP World:
    "How connectivity and data is transforming and revolutionizing DP World in Antwerp" 
  • Nicolas Deruytter: Founder & Managing Director ML6:
    "How ML6 is transforming big data into valuable and useful business insights using  artificial intelligence and deep learning". 
  • Bart Demaegdt: Digitalization Technology Manager Siemens:
    "Real added value is created by bringing IT and OT closer together. Digitalization is no buzz word anymore; lots of enterprises started their journey yesterday." 
  • Wesley Backelant: Cloud Solution Architect Microsoft:
    "How Microsofts customer success unit is delivering success stories via Artificial Intelligence on the Azure cloud platform." 
  • Alexander Van Laer: Founder Poppy:
    "Lessons learned in entrepreneurship and corporate venturing." 
  • Peter Dedecker: Member of the Belgian Federal Parliament:
    "How do we leverage Public Private Partnerships in our Smart City of Antwerp? Ethical reflection on engineering in a digital and connected world" 


Agoria invites you to a networking event where you will get to know our speakers and Agoria Young professionals, all while enjoying a walking dinner and drinks.  

Have we triggered your attention? Hurry up, only 10 seats left. Register here!


Thursday 4 April 2019


Beneluxpark 21
8500 Kortrijk



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Free of charge
Max. 100 participants

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