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Factories of the Future - 7 Transformations

  • Transformation 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
    Transformation 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
    This transformation is based on deploying state-of-the-art production devices. Given the “wage-handicap”, our companies cannot afford manufacturing with machinery that is outdated compared with that of competitors. Benchmark companies develop their own devices for key aspects in production, and thus boast machinery that is unique in the world. Read more
  • Transformation 2: Integrated Engineering
    Transformation 2: Integrated Engineering
    Manufacturing companies develop their own products and corresponding services depending on the complete value chain. This means an integrated design approach regarding processes such as sales, production, use of virtual models and simulations is crucial in this respect. This transformation is optimises value throughout the entire value chain and results ... Read more
  • Transformation 3: Digital Factory
    Transformation 3: Digital Factory
    In the factory of the future, operational processes have been digitised and connected with the internet. The impact of different possible decisions is gauged in advance. A fusion of the real and digital world is on its way.   Read more
  • Transformation 4: Human Centered Production
    Transformation 4: Human Centered Production
    Employees are a significant asset for anchoring production locally. Employee involvement in the future development of their company is crucial.   Read more
  • Transformation 5: Networked Factory
    Transformation 5: Networked Factory
    Companies evolve from being solo players into networked organisations, where the risk and capital are shared over the network. An optimal eco-system of suppliers and partners results in flexible collaborative relationships. Even within the classic company boundaries, a company itself evolves into a network of which the various elements are ... Read more
  • Transformation 6: Eco Factory
    Transformation 6: Eco Factory
    A sustainable production system considers each phase of a product’s life cycle, from acquiring the materials, production and usage, to disposing of the waste. Production systems are also able to close the materials cycle. Sustainable production also means possessing a resilient production system depending on the availabilities of materials. Energy ... Read more
  • Transformation 7: Smart Manufacturing
    Transformation 7: Smart Manufacturing
    Our manufacturing companies have to be able to respond to rapidly changing market demand, with a production whith single batches as an ultimate approach. For this purpose it is necessary to “retune” their production systems to more flexible, self-learning and adaptive systems. This requires both organisational and technical breakthroughs. Cyber ... Read more

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