Digital Connect Week 2020

The 'Digital Connect week' is over.

1-7 October 2020

Agoria’s Digital Connect Forum goes online! Instead of a one-day event, we are now working on a whole week of digital events. The Digital Connect Week connects all companies that want to implement digital technology more effectively or provide digital products or services.


By popular demand, we will be sticking to last year’s recipe for success. We will increase the size of the portions and make sure they are spread out over more time, so you can fit it all into your busy schedule:

Would you prefer just a taste, or to try the whole menu? You set your own pace during the Digital Connect Week. We will be providing exciting content for the daily programme (online sessions), and a digital platform – available all week – to connect with others when not attending sessions.

Kick-off session: Digitalisation as a means to create customer value (in English)

13:30 – 15:00

While a lot of companies start their digital journey by optimising processes to achieve higher operational efficiency, it is clear that becoming a digital company entails much more. It includes finding out how digital can help you create value for your customers, e.g. by offering digital services, by sharing insights from data, by exploring new business models, …

This sessions offers an insightful and inspiring keynote discussing possible routes companies can take to really reap the benefits of digitization, followed by a panel where our keynote speaker, Prof. Dr Ivanka Visnjic, is joined by 4 leaders from a diverse group of Belgian companies. While the panel shares insights from their experience, the audience can also pose their own questions.

For whom?

This session is for everyone involved in strategy, development and sales of new (digital) products and services and the evolution towards a more digital company culture. For anyone who wants to understand what it really means to be a digital company.



Agoria welcomes you to the Digital Connect Week and presents how we are joining forces to accelerate the digitisation of Belgian companies, both during the Digital Connect Week and in the coming years.

Keynote: How to thrive in the digital world? Business model innovation for the manufacturing sector

Prof. Dr Ivanka Visnjic, ESADE
Digitalization is more important than ever. Yet, how to approach the digital technology is a question that keeps executives awake at night. The experiences of successful and unsuccessful manufacturers show that focusing on the right digital business models, at the right time, is the key that separates winners from losers. Moreover, successful companies start from the business models that ensure efficiency of internal operations and accountability of the supply chain but then proceed to the digital business models that allow them to innovate with the broader ecosystem. How to proceed along this journey? We´ll cover the key success factors in this talk.

Panel: Managing digital evolution : Sharing opportunities and pitfalls.

Dewi Van De Vyver, CEO @ Flow Pilots
Mustapha Azzouzi, VP Connected & Sharing Solutions @ AW(TC) Europe
Stefan Top, Managing Director @ AVR
Marc Mertens, Technology Resources Manager @ Magotteaux International

How 5G will speed up your industry

13:30 – 15:00

Connectivity has become a cornerstone of society: people are interconnected and can always be reached. The same increasingly applies to devices and machines. 5G is the technology of choice in environments where wireless connectivity needs to be guaranteed. A good example is industrial production and logistics, where connected Internet of Things (IoT) systems form the basis for a more flexible and agile approach. All it takes is one single session to get bang up to date:

  • What is 5G and how far has Belgium come in adopting this technology?
  • How is 5G expected to develop?
  • Which test cases are on trial as proofs of concept?
  • How will 5G make a difference in the world of industry and logistics/mobility in the (near) future? What does this mean in real terms for your company?


A virtual hands-on workshop, to discover the power and potential of 5G. The first part will be a general introduction to the technology, including its concrete applications. In the second part, you will be working in a small group, with expert guidance, to think of potential use cases for your company: either by optimising production or by taking logistics processes or mobility to a higher level. At the end of the workshop, all the proposals will be presented in detail to make sure you finish the week inspired to take action.

For whom?

  • Manufacturing companies that want to make optimal use of wireless communication in their production.
  • Digital and telecom operators who want to support companies in their search for 5G implementation


Regulatory aspects of 5G in Belgium : actual situation

Luc Vanfleteren, Member of the BIPT Council

5G in de industry & International perspectives

Emmanuelle Duquenne, Business Group Leader Telecom @ Agoria

Use cases with 5G in Belgium
  • 5G implementation in production area at Atlas Copco
    Bavo Tielemans, Teamleader Smart Factory @ Airtec Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
  • 5G applications in the Port of Antwerp, ready for the future
    Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Digital & Innovation officer @ Port of Antwerp
Interactive workshops sessions, animated by experts (maximum of 60 participants).

2 possible topics (free to chose):

  • 5G & Industry
  • 5G & Logistics/Mobility
Conclusion (5’)

Cybersecurity, key for business continuity (partner: the Cyber Security Coalition)

13:30 – 15:00

Cybersecurity has become a decisive factor for success in any business. This is the case during periods of ‘business as usual’, but also during the implementation of digital transformation projects. Has your company considered a practical vision for the security of its digital data and processes? Or, even more importantly, have you converted this vision into a consistently applied action plan? This session is an absolute must if you want to play it safe. Better safe than sorry!

  • What is cybersecurity and how is it relevant to your business?
  • What risks does it pose to insufficiently protected companies?
  • Which security models can be used as a basis for an action plan?
  • How can I protect my company against cybercrime?
  • Exclusive: What lessons can be drawn from the experience of other companies that have fallen prey to hackers? (practice testimonials)
  • Scoop: How widespread is cybersecurity awareness among Belgian manufacturers? (study results)


A blended learning experience, including a live debate, ample opportunity to ask questions and active networking.

For whom?

Highly recommended for anyone who would like to bolster their cyber security and sees digitisation as an increasingly important business enabler. Relevant for companies from all industries and government bodies, large and small.



Anneleen Dammekens, Board member of the Cyber Security Coalition

Raising the bar: protecting your crown jewels- invest and be proactive

Maxwell Keyte, Security Leader BENELUX @ IBM

Panel: Lessons learned from Belgian organisations

Geert Ostyn, VP Technology and Operations @ Picanol
Ive Akkermans, Director Information Technology @ Asco Technologies
Steven Vermeeren, Emergency planning coordinator @ City of Mechelen/Willebroek

Moderated by Benoit Watteyne, Director @ KPMG Advisory - Digital Risk Management & Assurance

Cyber Insurance: a great asset- learn about it’s possibilities and limitations

Anne-Sophie Coppens, Senior Client Advisor @ Marsh

Sharing Insights of brand new study : cyber in manufacturing industries

Alain Wayenberg, Business Group Leader Automatisation @ Agoria & Kurt Callewaert, Head of Research Applied Computer Science @ Howest

How manufacturing embraces digital?

13:30 – 15:00

Almost 10 years after the launch of Industry 4.0 in Germany, many companies still have the perception that integrating IT and OT into production environments is expensive and complex. At the root of this distorted perception is not so much the unwillingness to invest as a lack of understanding of the enormous potential of this technology leap. It is therefore high time to correct a few misconceptions and approach the subject from a positive angle:

  • Gain insight into the operational processes of manufacturing companies and analyse where digitisation can deliver the greatest efficiency benefits.
  • Discover how integrated IT and OT applications are already creating business value in real production environments and helping to connect processes in the ecosystem.
  • Learn from the experiences of others about the win/win situation that arises when digital and manufacturing companies join forces


The visionary presentation "The journey towards smart factories" takes your thoughts straight to the heart of the matter. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the testimonials of a number of leading manufacturing companies and their digital technology partners. Still have questions? Ask them directly to the experts present in this session, during a panel discussion moderated by experts.

For whom?

  • Digital companies that want to get to know the needs of the manufacturing industry better
  • Manufacturing companies seeking inspiration for their digital transformation


The journey towards smart factories

Anouk Schoenmakers, Partner @ Bluecrux

Digitization of production through key partnerships - Presentations of the use cases
  • Stas & Squadron : Digital transformation used as enabler for a connected factory producing highly personalized products.
    Pieter-Jan De Man, Director @ Stas & Dries Dewulf, Solution Architect @ Squadron
  • Future-proofing through threshold lowering interfaces and operator empowerment
    Maarten Janssens, Director Operational Excellence @ Niko & Luc Deleu, CEO @ Ometa
  • A digital factory floor at SME Roltex thanks to integration of OT and IT
    Jonas Goossens, Managing Director @ Roltex, Marcel Laes, General manager @ Cimpro & Rebekka Vanacker, Managing Partner @ OQuila
  • Increased productivity and delivery reliability through digitisation of production at Helioscreen
    Stefaan Claeys, Operations Manager @ Helioscreen & Yves Bourgeois, Technical Director @ Factry
Digitization of production through key partnerships - Panel discussion

All previous participants

Change engagement: getting people on board and involved in change

13:30 – 15:00

Some employees see digital transformation as a threat. Because they think it is too complex. Because it goes hand-in-hand with organisational changes. Because it is an intangible change, but has a huge impact... This results in resistance, best addressed by change management, not by traditional project management. Good planning, communications and systematic follow-up are essential to get your employees on board, and even to drive the change themselves. By the end of the session, you will have gained a different perspective on change and how your employees perceive it. And you will be able to get the ball rolling straight away!


This highly interactive session provides specific steps to work on change within your company and to ensure digitisation is successfully implemented. A general approach and practical tips will both be discussed. The participating companies will explain how they dealt with this challenge and the lessons they learned. During the break-out sessions, you can discuss your specific situation in detail with your fellow companies.

For whom?

Change management is traditionally a theme for project leaders, but this session could be on everyone's agenda. Anyone involved in the preparation and implementation of strategic changes will learn something during this session. The discussed themes and examples are interesting for decision makers and executives, both in production and office environments.


Change management principles for your digital transformation

Robrecht Janssens, Expert Labour Organisation @ Agoria

Etap and Alstom share their experience

Willy Van der Steen, Production Engineer @ Etap
Pierre Meunier, Innovation Director @ Alstom
Samantha Esteban, Manufacturing Manager @ Alstom

Break-out sessions – From Theory to Practice : Insights from peers and partners (maximum of 60 participants)

In small groups we will work on the various phases of Change Management and the impact of digitisation projects. We focus specifically on communication planning and on steering groups/project groups. We will emphasise sharing do's and don'ts and sharing our own experiences.

From Thursday 1 October to Wednesday 7 October

The Digital Connect Week is much more than just another series of webinars. Like last year, the new online formula focuses on digital immersion and lively interaction between the participants. This is the case during the sessions, but certainly also every day in the hour before and after the official programme (12:30-16:00). The virtual stands will allow you to get to know the range of digital service providers and proactively arrange appointments with other participants, colleagues from similar companies or possible future technology partners.

View the exhibitors


Prof. Dr Ivanka Visnjic

Associate Professor @ ESADE

Dewi Van De Vyver

CEO @ Flow Pilots

Mustapha Azzouzi

VP Connected & Sharing Solutions @ AW(TC) Europe

Stefan Top

Managing Director @ AVR

Marc Mertens

Technology Resources Manager @ Magotteaux International

Luc Vanfleteren

Member of the BIPT Council

Emmanuelle Duquenne

Business Group Leader Telecom @ Agoria

Bavo Tielemans

Teamleader Smart Factory @ Airtec Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.

Erwin Verstraelen

Chief Digital & Innovation officer @ Port of Antwerp

Anneleen Dammekens

Board member of the Cyber Security Coalition

Maxwell Keyte

Security Leader BENELUX @ IBM

Geert Ostyn

VP Technology and Operations @ Picanol Group

Ive Akkermans

Director of Information Technology @ Asco

Steven Vermeeren

Emergency planning coordinator @ City of Mechelen/Willebroek

Anne-Sophie Coppens

Senior Client Advisor @ Marsh

Kurt Callewaert

Head of Research Applied Computer Sciences @ HOWEST

Alain Wayenberg

Business Group Leader Automatisation @ Agoria

Anouk Schoenmakers

Partner @ Bluecrux

Pieter-Jan De Man

Director @ STAS

Dries Dewulf

Solution Architect @ Squadron

Maarten Janssens

Director Operational Excellence @ Niko

Luc Deleu

CEO @ Ometa

Jonas Goossens

Managing Director @ Roltex

Stefaan Claeys

Operations Manager @ Helioscreen

Marcel Laes

CEO @ CimPro

Rebekka Van Acker

Managing Partner @ OQuila

Yves Bourgeois

Technical Director @ Factry

Robrecht Janssens

Expert Labour Organisation @ Agoria

Willy Van der Steen

QRM Program Manager @ Etap

Daisy Sluyts

Section head @ Etap

Pierre Meunier

Innovation Director @ Alstom

Samantha Esteban

Manufacturing Manager @ Alstom



From 1 to 7 October 2020




- Members and guests of Agoria, Belgian Cyber Security Coalition or BIPT: free of charge.

- Non-member have free access to the keynote session on Thursday 1 October.

- Non-members can attend all sessions at an all-in price of €150.


Are you interested in being an exhibitor? This is free of charge, only for members of Agoria with an offer to help digitise companies. Register here and select one of the 6 categories.

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