Environment systems & solutions

supports member companies active in the fields of environmental technologies and processes (systems and solutions for soil remediation, air treatment, water purification, energy recovery) in maintaining their level of expertise and strengthening their market position, with particular focus on exports.

 Core activities

  • Innovation by stimulating and supporting Belgian environmental technology companies. Together with specific environmental business groups within Agoria, strive to conduct relevant studies on the sector and its commercial applications.
  • Serve Belgian environmental technology companies in business development, e.g. by providing advice and through practical initiatives in the field of export promotion. Also continuously promote the competencies of member companies to public authorities, as well as providers and consumers of environmental equipment, components and processes.
  • Monitoring and influencing of legislation for the promotion of fair international competition (e.g. free transport for autonomous water treatment systems). Promote the integration of Belgian environmental technology companies in European environmental programmes by trying to influence the content and priorities of those programmes, sometimes in collaboration with European industry groups such as AquaEurope