Production Technology & Mechatronics

Production Technology & Mechatronics brings together companies which supply machinery, components and solutions for the production equipment of the processing and the manufacturing industry. These companies are active in the entire production chain: simple industrial machines or components, plant construction, supply and integration of systems, specific maintenance services for machinery and components.

Core activities

Make it in Belgium, an initiative of Agoria and the production technology systems industry, is lifting the curtain on this surprising and constantly evolving sector and its pioneering companies.
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The customers of Production Technology & Mechatronics can be found in a great variety of sectors: engineering, agriculture, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, packaging, civil engineering, chemicals, oil, transportation, automotive, metallurgy, logistics, graphics industry, mining, etc. 

  • Business development
    Organisation of seminars, workshops or collective company visits to better understand the needs of the various sectors, particularly in the area of innovation. Organisation of foreign missions and group stands at international fairs to break into some of the less accessible markets. Organisation of specific trade shows (, MTMS) with a side programme of network events.
  • Market information
    Collection and dissemination of information on the development of the various sectors and the factors influencing their development.
  • Regulations
    Organisation of workshops on national regulations and European directives that must be followed in order to bring services and products to market. Some examples: which provisions in the German or French driving rules have repercussions on the approval of farm machinery? Which hygiene regulations have to be complied with in the development of machinery for the agro-food industry? Etc.  
  • Talent recruitment
    Organisation of actions to remedy the shortage of skilled staff (especially technicians, technical sales staff and engineers). For example, guided tours of trade fairs for secondary education students. Organisation of technical training courses, e.g. for technicians in the installation of industrial kitchens (food equipment) or for engineers in companies manufacturing gears and transmissions.