Building Technology Committee 2.0

The HVAC group consists of companies that work in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). The group consists of the Steering Committee and the HVAC Committee where experts of the member companies, in cooperation with Agoria experts, monitor activities in four main areas: energy, healthcare, the environment and safety.

Core activities

  • The monitoring of the Energy Efficiency Policy (EEP) is one of the core elements of the HVAC group. Agoria provides its expertise as well as that of the member companies for the administration and governance to elaborate the EEP further at the European, national and regional level.

  • Standardisation developments are followed up by the Regulation & Standards Expertise Centre (Ecodesign and Energy Labelling). Member companies also receive individual support.

  • In view of the fact that comfort is gaining relevance, the HVAC group focuses on Indoor Air Quality and monitors the new workplace ventilation legislation. Agoria forms part of the steering group for this legislation.

  • In cooperation with the Environment Expertise Centre, the HVAC group monitors the development of the Circular economy policy at the European level and converts the policy into practice for member companies. Developments with regard to the obligation to take back products are also carefully monitored in cooperation with Recupel and OVAM.

  • The group represents the members at the European level within the Eurovent and EPEE European associations and monitors relevant European policy.

  • In view of the interconnectivity between the various technologies, the HVAC group has a direct link to the Smart Building and Smart Cities

  • The elaboration of actions and points of view are supported by the federal and regional lobbying groups.