Ship Building and Repair

The Ship Building & Repair group consists of manufacturing companies linked to shipyards, retrofitting vessels and repairing vessels and their equipment. The companies build, maintain or repair ships and ship’s equipment: engines, gearboxes, masts, loading and unloading equipment, navigation instruments, electronic systems, gangways, various metal structures, etc.

Core activities

  • The group consists of company managers in the shipbuilding and repair industry in Belgium
  • The group supports the commercial development of the member companies and helps increase the visibility of these companies in Belgium and abroad: network activities and technical guided tours to ensure members are mutually aware of the expertise and knowledge within the sector, meetings with buyers in the relevant sectors, group (international) trade fair participation or trade missions abroad, etc.
  • The group meets twice a year to determine the priorities, needs and activities for the sector as a whole. Agoria provides relevant information available to the federation: draft versions of regulations, press releases, technology watch information, political announcements, public invitations to tender, international calls for proposals, Agoria services, etc.
  • Main discussion themes (2020): Competition, especially from The Netherlands; Difficult homologation / certification since the transfert of the competences to the regions; Emissions and new propulsion systems, hydrogen; Recruitment
  • Last activities (2019):
    • Meeting of February 19th, 2019: certification, Inland navigation Wallonia, presentation Blauwe Cluster, mapping of the products & solutions from the members / Get to know each other
    • Meeting of June 11th, 2019: presentation of CMB about hydrogen technologies for ships, presentation of Blue Line Logistics about autonomous shipping, information dissemination about European project “MartERA”…
  • Next meeting of the Business Group: May 28th, 2020. Please contact Amélie Cardyn to receive the invitation.