Through interactivity, individual exercises & collective discussions, you will shape the future of Your business with a toolkit especially developed for this workshop. Furthermore, we support theory with our book "Belgian BMI case studies".

This High Impact Academy is designed for executives, mid-level, and senior-level managers who want to hone their understanding of business model innovation. We observe that product- and technology-driven companies usually do not focus on business models.There are, however, many opportunities to create more value for a company by developing new or modified business models instead of only focusing on products or technology.

Furthermore, many cost-down attempts in competitive markets are not to be solved by tweaking the product itself but by changing the business model. The philosophy of this workshop is radically positive, interactive and ludic !

What you will get?

  • A clear understanding of why companies compete on BMI & what BMI is
  • A BMI journey  in 4 steps : The "Clarify - Identify - Fortify - Defy" challenge  
  • 10 key mecanisms to effectively transform your Business Model

At the end of the day, you will be able to :

  • Represent your actual business model
  • Decline it in 2 future BMI scenario's
  • Inspire your colleagues
  • Initiate BMI actions with mitigated risks

You will also receive : 
The Agoria book : "Belgian Business Model Innovation. 5 inspirational case studies".
The Agoria Toolkit : "Business Model Innovation Toolkit. Pivoting your business in 4, 3, 2, 1."

What is our approach?

We favour interactions and practices during the academy to design business models.

This is realized thanks to tailor-made program (the BMI Toolkit), learning-by-doing approach and interactive discussions & exercises.

Who should attend this Academy?

CEO's; Business, Sales & Marketing managers; Innovation managers (CTO, ...).
Everyone facing the challenge to create activities to maintain a company viable.