With ever stricter and more complex environmental regulations, technology inspired companies have to focus increasingly on minimising the environmental impact of their activities. To a large extent, these efforts also determine the corporate image of these companies. Yet, there are also opportunities for technology companies to turn the efficient use of raw materials and the environmental circular economy into a competitive advantage in the context of their product-oriented policy. The Environment Expertise Centre helps members address these challenges and seize those opportunities.

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Core activities

  • Lobbying for the interests of member companies by directing collective actions at political authorities at regional, federal and European levels.
  • Individual services to member companies, tools and specific training focused on regulations and obligations, with their practical implementation in relation to the environment.
  • Raising individual and collective awareness, identification and development of opportunities that environmental considerations can offer member companies, especially with regard to the circular economy.
  • Continuous flow of information through Agoria's communication channels.
 For all these actions, the Environment Expertise Centre focuses on two aspects:
  • Process-oriented environmental policy: environmental permits, water stewardship (e.g. spills of hazardous substances) and air policy (e.g. emission limits thresholds), soil remediation, waste treatment and nuisances such as odours, noise, or light.
  • Product-oriented environmental policy: the take-back obligation for electrical appliances, REACH, the classification and labelling of substances, biocides, nano-materials, eco-design focused on material efficiency, all aspects of the circular economy, etc.