Telecom Industries

The Telecom industry consists of the Belgian telecom operators of both the landline and mobile networks. Telecom is a key industry for digital transformation and value creation for the economy and society. The wave of new promising technologies will only increase the significance of the telecom industry.

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Core activities

  • The Telecom industry focuses on the protection of the interests of the telecom industry through (political) lobbying, taking care of the industry image and the social importance and impact on the regulatory framework.
  • Three main work domains are distinguished: 'investments and infrastructure' (e.g. rolling out 5G), 'telecom and the consumer' (e.g. telecom and privacy) and 'digital economy and society' (e.g. the study The collaboration with the telecom regulator (BIPT), the FPS Economy, the cabinet of the Telecom minister (De Croo) and various other organisations is intensive on all these domains.
  • The collaboration with Digital Industries within Agoria is growing. Agoria's ambition is to become the driving force of digital change in industry and society at large, based on an industrial vision and approach.