The Interreg 2Seas project SCIFI (Smart City Innovations Framework Implementation) aims to activate the market for innovative solutions to improve public service delivery using data. Cities (Saint-Quentin (FR), Bruges and Mechelen (BE), Delft (NL) collaborate on identifying shared challenges in mobility, energy and environment. Supported by business support organisations, like Faubourg Numérique (FR), Agoria (BE), Cambridge Cleantech (UK) and University of Southampton (UK) they jointly explore innovative procurement methods to work with businesses in developing data-based solutions, implementing them in living labs, and demonstrating the value of opening data.

The SCIFI framework will establish the 4-helix relationships and the methodologies for 2 Seas cities to source innovative solutions to urban challenges under a Smart, data-driven approach. This framework will increase the competitiveness of the 2 Seas region in the field of urban innovation, stimulate the innovative sectors of the regional economy and increase quality of life in 2 Seas cities.

Coordinator: Mechelen (BE) Project Management: Bax Company Partners: Saint-Quentin (FR), Bruges (BE), Mechelen (BE), Delft (NL), Agoria (BE), Faubourg Numérique (FR), Cambridge Cleantech (UK) and University of Southampton (UK)
Start date:: 13 July 2017
Duration: 4 years
Subsidy ERDF (60%): 1.899.302 €
SCIFI website: