Building technology

brings together companies engaged in the design, manufacturing, import, sale, installation and/or supply of services, products, systems or solutions for the construction and equipment of residential and non-residential buildings.

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Core activities

  • Business development: Building, Contracting & Technical Services Industries uses the construction barometer to keep member companies informed of economic developments in the building sector. How many applications for building permits? How many building projects were actually completed? Which major projects are in the pipeline? The business community helps members promote their solutions for the 'buildings of tomorrow' among specifiers (architects, engineering offices, etc.).
  • Knowledge sharing and organisation of network activities on specific themes such as fire protection and energy performance. Organisation of contacts with the different actors on the market: Public Buildings Administration of the three regions, testing agencies, FireForum, engineering offices, architects, etc.
  • During workshops and using its communication channels, the business community informs its members of developments in standards and regulations applying to, for example, electric installations, ventilation or fire protection.