The Energy Expertise Centre helps companies to achieve greater energy efficiency, while contributing to the growth of the technology industry.


Core activities

  • Monitoring of price changes on the electricity and gas market. Our experts analyse the market trends and network rates, and establish forecasts. They are also there to help you compare offers and advise you on energy taxes.
  • Lobbying to improve the functioning of the energy market, for the benefit of technology companies.
  • Stimulating investment in energy production and energy technologies by contributing to the improvement of the investment climate and supporting new market opportunities.
  • Assistance in the field of energy efficiency, including through advice on grants and incentives available for energy-saving investments.
  • On behalf of the energy-intensive Agoria companies, negotiations on the content and terms of the energy policy agreements (sectoral agreements). The Expertise Centre also drafts proposals in the context of climate plans developed by various authorities.