Carbon Energy Club

Carbon Energy Club

More than 100 technology companies join forces in the Carbon Energy Club. As an international networking platform, we monitor the oil, gas & energy sector closely. By keeping track of major industry players’ technology needs, our members are able to identify business opportunities at an early stage.

An international oil & gas technology ecosystem

Ever since its inception in 1989, the Carbon Energy Club has made it its mission to better understand the oil & gas industry, its challenges and its technology requirements. In doing so, we aim to develop mutually beneficial relations between the oil & gas industry and a pool of highly experienced technology companies active in this sector.

In addition, we increase and improve the image and visibility of our members, by showing global players in the markets of energy, oil and gas how the technological expertise and know-how of these companies can contribute to their success. The objective is to identify and create new business opportunities for our members, focusing on short to mid-term commercial projects offered by major oil, gas and energy companies as well as tier one engineering, procurement & construction companies.

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The Carbon Energy Club is proud to announce its partnership with the Energy Industry Council for their flagship supply chain conference EIC Connect Middle East. Participating at EIC Connect Middle East will give technology companies to learn and understand the goods and services required on oil, gas and nuclear projects in the GCC, by direct interaction with IOCs, NOCs and EPC companies. Special attention will be given to complete your registration and pre-qualification with ADNOC and their OPCO's. Furthermore it is an ideal place to meet potential local partners from the UAE and beyond.

The Carbon Energy Club’s partnership will enable its members to fully participate with the same privileges granted to EIC members.

If interested, please do not hesitate contact the Carbon Energy Club management.

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