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Smart Building, Living & Working Environment: building smarter, step by step

A 'smart city' comprises 'smart buildings' that meet the needs of their users, offering them a comfortable place to live, work or stay. Together with the Smart Building, Living & Working Environment Working Group that he runs, Siemens Belgium's Business Development & City Account Manager Emanuel Marreel is pondering the smart city concept and associated infrastructure issues.

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Arne Quinze spearheading Agoria’s Infrastructure Club

Arne Quinze was on October 1st the guest of honour of the Agoria Infrastructure Club event, during which members had the opportunity to meet this exceptional artist. He delivered a passionate and inspiring speech on “Cityview”, his new art project.

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Marc Lambotte

First things first

First things first. Of course, the wages should increase. But first of all: reduce labor costs to restore competitiveness. Belgium is a small country with an open economy and we need our export.

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Jef D'Hollander

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): time for action and a balanced debate

Never did an EU trade agreement attract as much attention as the TTIP or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Unfortunately, the current public debate is...

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Robrecht Janssens

You want committed staff? Work at it!

The factory of the future cannot be reduced to computer controlled state-of-the-art machinery. Such a company can only succeed thanks to those who compose it. Committed people ...

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Tom Ceulemans

Business of the Future : Industry prepares the future, and you ?

Today companies are overwhelmed with trends, mega-trends and even paradigm shifts on an economical, societal and technological level. Those (r)evolutions could possibly turn their business upside down.

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Marc Lambotte

Professors talk about the future. Entrepreneurs make it happen...

Today, in order to survive, a company has to continually regenerate itself by finding the source of innovation that will enable it to create value. And this does not only concern the products or services ...

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Robrecht Janssens

Factories of the future: employees in the driving seat

Deindustrialisation has garnered a lot of press coverage over the past few years. Belgium is facing a wage handicap, even when compared to its neighbouring countries. Will we have to do without manufacturing companies in the future?

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Bert Mons

The Belgian automotive industry is the ‘place to be’ for young technical talent

Following the Brussels Motor Show in January, Agoria has surveyed the Belgian automotive industry to assess the number of available jobs. Our findings?

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Giroflex wins Red Dot Design Award 2015

Despite being on the market for only a short time, the Giroflex 313 produced by our member company Giroflex has already won a Red Dot Design Award 2015, which is a major international quality label for concept design.

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Pattyn Packing Lines is ‘Export Lion 2015’

On 16 September, Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois presented the Export Lion award in Leuven. This is the annual prize awarded by Flanders Investment & Trade to the company that has been most successful in terms of export during the previous year. In the category for companies with 50 or more employees, this year's winner was Agoria member company Pattyn Packing Lines.

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Where do my products come from? Made in Belgium or elsewhere?

Exporting companies are often faced with tracing the origin of their products; when applying for a certificate of origin or because they want to label their products "Made in Belgium", for example. In this context, what should you know about the rules of origin and origin marking? We asked Agoria expert Jef D'Hollander.

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